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Severne MAKO 2020 - 21

Severne MAKO 2020 - 21

1.390,00 €

Plazo de envío: 10 día(s)


Severne introduces a new wave board with a modern design, the shortened distance between the foot straps creates a faster acceleration for more pleasure. The Severne Mako can be driven as a Quad and also as a Thruster fin system, it is recommended to ride a Quad for S-turns and Thruster for inland waters and upwind rides.

Compared to the Nano, changes have indeed come, there is more control in large waves and rough conditions, more stability and the wider standing at high speeds provide more comfort.

What's in the box: Severne Mako 2020 + fin + footstraps

Features of the Severne Mako 2020:

- A modern waveboard

- Faster acceleration

- Possibilities for driving Quad or Thruster

- More control over high waves and rough conditions

- Stability during high speeds


Vol: 79L 226cmx55cm Aletas: Slotbox 2x110 + 1x140

Vol: 84L 228cmx57cm Aletas: Slotbox 2x110 + 1x140

( Se entrega con aletas Thruster)