RRD XtraX MK5 7,0m

790,00 €
Precio IVA incl., más portes.

Caracteristica de la vela: Easy Freeride Full X-Ply

The Xtra is the perfect sail to get you started and keep you going, from beginner to advanced. A mix of 4 and 5 battens throughout the range makes each size comfortable and above all else easy to use.  The larger sizes with 5 battens are more stable and powerful, whilst the smaller sizes with 4 battens are lighter and easier handling. A huge tuning range not only makes the sail adaptable to all conditions, but also forgives poor rigging technique. The Xtra is available in 2 constructions, with the standard Xtra featuring a monofilm body and the Xtra–X comprising a 100% X-ply construction for the ultimate in durability. Whatever your level, the Xtra will give you more.


Medidas: 7.0m     Boom: 203cm   Mast: 469cm   5 sables.


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