RRD Freestyle Wave 2021

Precio IVA incl., más portes.

Caracteristica de la tabla: Completely renewed! The Freestyle Wave Y26 takes one step further, accessible and fun in flat water, but with more performance in the waves. You can finally aspire to one single board, with no compromise.

Six new shapes across the entire range, from the 78 to the 114 to cover all needs.

We have combined an extremely fast rocker line to a pure new wave outline. The Freestyle Wave is capable of reaching high speeds, but once put into action it has the skills of a real wave board. The new tail with wingers adds grip and maneuverability. The tri – fin or single fin configuration allows you to have the ideal set up for your favourite all-rounder. Try it and you can no longer be without.

BLKRBN: 2.949€

Semi custom / Biaxial innegra carbon deck and 88 grams spread tow carbon bottom.

This technology gives the lightest feel under your feet and adds a superb finishing level. Using black as a distinctive colour, it’s the most exclusive and eye catching.

LTD: 2.599€

Semi custom / Biaxial innegra carbon deck and glass bottom.

The LTD is our “industry benchmark” for high performance boards. The Biaxial Carbon innegra fibers guarantee an impressive strength and long life.

LTE: 2.149€

The LTE is our wood technology which combines strength and lightness by adding specific reinforcements and perfectly combining them underneath the wood laminate. Both deck and bottom are laminated using a 0,6 mms wood veneer and Biaxial Glass fibers with a solid PVC reinforced bottom.

All the boards allow to find the best trim: thruster fin configuration for more grip and ease on waves, single fin for freeride or freestyle oriented sessions.

- 78lts, 84lts, 90 lts and 96 lts are equipped with K4 for RRD 3SW center and SHARK 2 side

- 104lts and 114 lts come with a single K4 for RRD 3SW.

MODEL                           SIZES      VOL.   FIN + FIN BOX SYSTEM             

FREESTYLE WAVE 78      224 x 56     78      K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 slotbox / K4 for RRD CENTER 20 3SW US BOX           

FREESTYLE WAVE 84      225 x 58     84      K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 slotbox / K4 for RRD CENTER 20 3SW US BOX         

FREESTYLE WAVE 90      226 x 60     90      K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 slotbox / K4 for RRD CENTER 22 3SW US BOX         

FREESTYLE WAVE 96      228 x 62     96      K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 slotbox / K4 for RRD CENTER 24 3SW POWBOX       

FREESTYLE WAVE 104    230 x 64    104      K4 for RRD SINGLE 30 3SW POWERBOX             

FREESTYLE WAVE 114    230 x 66    114      K4 for RRD SINGLE 32 3SW POWERBOX             

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