RRD Wave Cult 92L V7 LTD

2.250,00 €
Precio IVA incl., más portes.

Característica de la tabla: WORLDWIDE WAVE //  TRI FIN

The new WAVE CULT V7 is the board that everyone should have, which suits all kind of conditions and allows you to feel covered in any session in both home spot and travel outings. We focused more and more on this goal to provide a tool that can perform the best in both on-shore and side-shore conditions in every wave size.


Semi custom / C-Ply biaxial carbon fiber deck with hexagonal stitching & glass bottom

Ltd is the most prestigious technology we have developed and refined over the years. This type of construction is based on the best materials arranged together in order to create the best cocktail of performance, strength and lightness.

This year, in order to pursue continuous development, we were able to introduce an innovative type of carbon and stitching method which takes our boards another step forward. The NEW BIAXIAL CARBON WITH HEXAGONAL STITCHED FIBERS is based on a new technology which has been recently introduced to the market, called C-PLY.

Medidas: 92 LTS   223 x 60cm

Aletas: K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 Slotbox – MFC TF2 Center 18 Black G-10 CNC Slotbox


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